Suddenly an update

Currently I’m in Kathmandu under interesting circumstances. If I could only sit down and write about all my experiences so far in Nepal, I would have a proper letter. That will have to wait for snail mail.

PST is still underway in distant Narayanghat, but as another trainee fell ill, I found myself on a plane accompanying her to Kathmandu. Some have fallen ill to varying degrees, but I am one of the few who has remained entirely healthy—at least physically speaking (bouts of depthless depression sometimes are trying).

With my host family during PST in Gaidanakot, Nawalparasi, Nepal.

With my host family during PST in Gaidanakot, Nawalparasi, Nepal.

She who is ill had difficulty walking due to weakness and also developed a light sensitivity, causing her to wear a shirt over her head and making it that more difficult to walk, not to mention attracting more attention than usual.

So I ended up (the circumstances are another massive letter) being the one to ‘carry’ her to the Narayanghat (Bharatpur, actually) airport and then to Phora Dubar, the embassy’s (and Peace Corps’) medical HQ. It was tiring.

I had to stay awake with her the night before we departing, administering (in the dark) antibiotics and another mystery drug that’s purpose I never understood. So it’s been a long 24 hours.

But I’m in Kathmandu, the city I love to hate (it’s a terrible city, Jill Chaskes was right). I have met up with a few other PCVs and we’re going bowling tonight.

Tomorrow morning I’m catching a taxi to the Kathmandu airport, and I’ll be on the first plane back to Narayanghat and, alas, PST.

Things are looking up and I am speaking the language quite well. Not to be a braggart, but I am in an advanced class, whatever that’s worth. I spend my days speaking Nepali, which is strange. That means I’ll almost be trilingual. Who’d thunk it?

Well, bowling awaits. And please write. I would love music (tapes), though I’ll be happy with anything.