Flight itinerary, the Asia sampler

A few days ago I received my Begin to Learn Nepali Language booklet and audio cassette. I’ve realized quite suddenly that I’m going to be learning a foreign-foreign language. Perhaps it should be renamed, Learn to Speak Nepali in Your Wildest Dreams.

There are some handy phrases in the book. There are inclusions, purposeful as they may be, that give me pause. For example:

Are there poisonous snakes around?

I don’t know Nepali culture. Please teach me.

Mother cooks delicious food.

I will not eat today. I am not feeling well.

Last week I made my flight reservations. My parents realized I was leaving the country and not going camping. (My mother insists I bring a compass in case I get lost. And who knows, maybe she’s right.) For me, it was a great relief to have tickets in hand.

Once I get on the plane, there’s no turning back. Before I fly to Kathmandu, I’ll attend a ‘staging’ in San Francisco with other Peace Corps volunteers heading to Nepal. (I’ve heard the group is around 58 people.) After a one-day introduction to life as a Peace Corps volunteer, I will head to Kathmandu.

I’m not sure how many actual hours it will take us to get to Kathmandu from San Francisco, but because of time zones and the International Date Line, we arrive in Kathmandu around 48 hours and 20 minutes after leaving San Francisco:

Date Departure airport Departure time Arrival airport Arrival time
Feb 18, 2002 SFO, San Francisco 12:25 NRT, Tokyo 16:45
Feb 19, 2002 NRT, Tokyo 17:50 BKK, Bangkok 22:25
Feb 20, 2002 BKK, Bangkok 10:30 KTM, Kathmandu 12:45

Counting from today, there are 21 days before departure. Let me stretch my legs while I can.